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Introduction of High Calcium PP Hollow Lattice Board Packaging Board Turnover Board Project

Introduction to the Project of High Calcium PP Hollow Checker Board Packaging Box Board Turnover Box Board

The raw materials for the production of high calcium PP hollow grid plate are mainly limestone, and coal gangue, tailings residue, etc. can also be used as raw materials. After the initial crushing and screening of the ore block by the crusher, the crushed ore will be ground by the ultra-fine mill to form nanometer sized ultra-fine modified mineral powder, which is used as the main raw materials for the production of high calcium PP hollow grid plate; Limestone is calcined in the calcination workshop, calcined into quicklime with calcium content of more than 57%, and then grinded into nanometer sized ultra-fine albite powder by the ultra-fine mill. The production process of stone powder strictly follows the relevant regulations on energy conservation, consumption reduction, dust reduction and environmental protection, and strives to achieve the ultimate cost control and environmental protection.

The superfine modified mineral powder, superfine albite powder, specific PE, PP and other additives are strictly proportioned, mixed evenly by high-speed mixer, and then enter the filling master batch extruder for anhydrous internal mixing treatment to produce different types of filling master batch. Various types of base paper are produced through casting and drawing equipment, three-layer co extrusion equipment and different production processes after various types of filling masterbatches are proportioned; Or through the high calcium PP hollow checkerboard carton board equipment, the high calcium PP hollow checkerboard carton bottom plate can be produced.

The supporting equipment of tape casting and drawing technology mainly produces environment-friendly high cover thin paper with a thickness of 100 microns to 200 microns and environment-friendly high calcium thick paper with a thickness of 200 microns to 400 microns. The high calcium paper produced by this process has good longitudinal tensile strength. It is mainly used for wallpaper/wallpaper base paper, coated paper, books, manuals, newspapers and other printing papers, labels, cards, cartons, cartons, handbags, packaging bags, and mail seals; Special paper, such as field paper, underwater paper, mining paper, military special paper, etc.

PP grid board equipment three-layer coextrusion patent technology matched with biaxial stretching utility model equipment technology patent, mainly producing environment-friendly stone synthetic paper with a thickness of 60 microns to 120 microns. The environment-friendly high calcium paper produced by this production process has good horizontal tensile strength, both sides of the paper are matt, and the paper has good softness, smoothness and ink absorption. The main sales market positioning is fruit and other packaging paper or gift boxes and other packaging soft lining.

High calcium PP hollow checkerboard carton board technology is supported by one-time forming high calcium PP hollow checkerboard equipment, which mainly produces environment-friendly high calcium PP hollow checkerboard carton board with a thickness of 2mm to 5mm. The environment-friendly high calcium carton board produced by this production process has high compressive strength, folding resistance, waterproof and integrated molding. It has simple process, low cost and high efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production. It is also suitable for the transfer packaging of fruits, vegetables, frozen seafood and other products.

As new materials, high calcium paper and high calcium PP hollow checkerboard carton board, on the basis of special performance and unique performance of integrated paper and plastic, meet the requirements of green and environmental protection at the same time, conform to the human development trend and theme of "new materials", "new energy", "environmental protection" and "energy conservation", making high calcium paper have strong and vigorous vitality!

Through the correct positioning of high calcium paper and high calcium PP hollow grid board, the advantages and disadvantages of high calcium paper and high calcium PP hollow grid board are developed to give play to their unique physical performance advantages such as waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, good mechanical performance, tear resistance, good flattening, good surface smoothness and good mechanical performance; Zero emission shall be achieved in the production process: no drainage, no exhaust, no slag discharge, environmental protection shall be controlled from the source, oil resources shall be saved, and deforestation shall be reduced. The production process is a dry process system for inorganic matter treatment, which can be degraded, while reducing the emission of carbon dioxide gas, non-toxic, with good antibacterial and other environmental safety advantages; The price is cheaper than that of paper or carton made by traditional wood pulp papermaking process. High calcium paper and carton can completely replace traditional wood pulp paper and other plant fiber paper; In addition to carbonatite, raw materials can also use solid wastes generated from conventional mining, such as coal gangue and iron ore tailings, effectively realizing waste reuse and realizing the goal of green recycling transformation in mining and other highly polluting industries.


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